Our Services

VOX Global Japan provides the following communications services to domestic and international clients.

  • Public Affairs / Advocacy

    Government policy and regulation have major impacts on corporate success. We provide full support for our clients’ communications regarding policy and regulatory decisions. Often this entails analyzing the issues and stakeholder environment, developing tailored fact-based messaging to promote understanding and support, communicating with legislative and administrative bodies, and identifying third parties who can assist.

  • Intelligence and Information Gathering

    As clients are preparing to engage in a campaign to communicate public policy, our VOX team can provide important background intelligence on the issue to help shape strategy. We offer these insights based on a combination of our experience and relationships with legislative and industry bodies, business experts and other key parties, as well as a complete review of how the issue has been discussed in the public environment.

  • Media Relations

    Despite the increased influence of online and social media, traditional media channels continue to play a major role in shaping Japanese public opinion. VOX Global Japan provides a full range of strategic media relations and outreach support.

  • Online Advocacy

    In the Internet society, communications is shifting toward multi-party conversations in real time. VOX Global Japan provides online and social media communications strategy to support policy and regulatory communications.

  • Financial Communications

    The advent of large-scale global mergers and acquisitions is no longer a rarity in Japan. In this area, the decisions of regulatory bodies as well as public opinion can have a significant impact on business strategies. VOX Global Japan provides communications programs to support M&A initiatives.

  • Media Training

    Recent events demonstrate the extent to which effective media relations, or a lack thereof, can impact a business’ public perception and its relations with stakeholders. VOX Global Japan provides realistic media training through our seasoned staff of former journalists.

  • Crisis Communications

    VOX Global Japan provides assistance communicating with stakeholders during events ranging from a corporate crisis or product recall to a proxy fight. Our team of professionals is prepared to address urgent issues facing your company/organization.

  • Kroll International Inc. Collaborative Solutions

    Through our business collaboration with Kroll International Inc. – one of the world’s leading risk consulting firms – we can leverage the synergies of Kroll’s information gathering and analysis. Combining the strengths of Kroll with VOX Global’s communications abilities provides unique and innovative crisis management solutions.